6 Day Trippers Comment on Charlotte’s Mint Museum

Beyond the walls between the artist’s intentions and the visitor’s interpretations, you’ll find the Mint Museum.

The trip to the Mint Museum was perfect. The museum has something for everyone’s taste. Pottery, paintings, woodwork and a temporary collage exhibit. Dinner was right on site and was amazing with a backdrop of city lights.

Sandi Wessel

The Michael Sherill exhibit at The Mint Museum is worth visiting. The exhibit shows some of his early work along with his newer creations, so you get a good perspective as to how he has evolved as an artist over the years. This exhibit will be at The Mint Museum through April 7. Our group dined at Halcyon, a farm to table restaurant which is conveniently located in the same building. The food was fresh and delicious.

Kathleen DeLucca

Michael Sherill

Local North Carolina Artist Catches the Eye of the PWC Day Trippers

The special exhibit by Michael Sherrill was full of beautiful, detailed works inspired by Nature here in North Carolina. The detail, and use of color, were creative and beautiful. The museum’s displays had supportive informational videos that provided a deeper understanding of his work.

Sandie Redfern


I so enjoyed the “Day Trippers” recent outing to Charlotte’s Mint Museum in Uptown. One of the exhibits we saw explored the medium of collage which included many interesting works by Charlotte native Romare Bearden. After exploring the museum for about two hours, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Halcyon – the museum’s farm to table restaurant. From the restaurant, we had a gorgeous view of the Uptown skyline at night. In addition to the museum visit and sharing a delicious dinner, the outing provided the perfect opportunity for the six of us to get to know one another better.

Mary Lynn Dubler

A night at the museum! What a wonderful way to meet new friends and discover the eclectic display of artistic mediums the Mint offers. An excellent collection of glass, wood mosaics and fiber art along with modern and contemporary paintings and sculpture. Enjoyed the exceptional upscale dining experience at the Halcyon Restaurant.

Tammy LaFevre

In preparing to write this blog post, I had an opportunity to research and learn more about the Mint’s historical background and the profound role Charlotte women have had on keeping this historical treasure alive.

As a member of the Palisades Women’s Club, I hope you find this historical story celebrating the Mint’s 80th birthday as inspiring as I have.

Ann Kruk