Gardening Girls Spring Lunch

The weather is warming up and the gardens of the Palisades are beginning to awaken. You will start seeing dirt under the fingernails of the PWC Gardening Girls! The group gathered for lunch at the Garden Cafe, in the nearby historical town of York, SC on Thurs. March 14.

The Garden Cafe, York, SC

The Club met to plan out the rest of the year and chatting about what’s up in their own gardens. There was a list of opportunities for learning, sharing, and visiting places around Charlotte related to gardens and plants. The group added some ideas and split up the responsibility of finding out the details for each option.

Sandy Evangelista brought some seeds to share, and the instructions on the lovely plants that will emerge once they are planted. Soon, the group will have events planned and invitations to the sessions will be sent to the PWC members that are signed up for Gardening Girls. There was agreement that anytime the sun is shining and the spades are sharp, or when someone is ready to visit a garden store or local gardening event, we will let the others know to join in! If you are interested in the Gardening Girls Auxiliary Group, please contact Mary Lynn Dubler at or call 847.219..8077.