PWC Sponsors a Beds for Kids Family

The PWC April general meeting on Wednesday 3, 2019, was one that Service Chair, Ginny Quattropani, and Beds for Kid’s coordinator, Linda Nickell, will remember as one of the most charitable from its members.

Charity Goal

The April PWC Service Project had a goal to fully furnish a home with beds and essential furniture for a needy family. $450 was needed to sponsor a family.

Charity Outreach

With the help of Ginny Quattropani the word got out.

During the meeting, Linda Nickell shared that the PWC organization had donated $250 of the $450 asked for. To continue the spirit of giving, donation bags were circulated, and within 10 minutes, Linda shared the results with the group.

Charity Final Results

Breaking away from what appeared as a victory dance in the back of the room, Linda took the podium to share the final tally of donations.


2 Sets Full Sheets
10 Sets Twin Sheets
1 Micro Fiber Throw

What a wonderful success the evening was, especially for the needy family who will experience a night of restful sleep with new beds and linens.