Day Trippers NODA Trip


The group of nineteen Day Trippers car pooled to the station and hopped on the CATS Train to visit NODA on a beautiful day April 11, 2019. We were a group excited to be walking down historic Tryon street on a sunny day. There were both veteran Charlotteans and newcomers, all eager to learn more about our city. Beth Barry and Katie Grimm provided excellent planning and execution to make the day easy and fun for everyone.

The first neighborhood stop was a lovely walking route to see some of the iconic Charlotte specialties. Highlights included :

  • Independence Square
  • The Transamerica Dome
  • Jean Tinguely’s 40 foot tall kinetic masterwork .

    Each stop had a bit of history explained to the group, and the details of how each monument or artwork has became part of the collection of Charlotte’s treasures.

Next, we hopped back on the train for a quick trip to NODA for lunch at Haberdish. It features Souther Fare with a nod to North Carolina inspired cuisine. Choices included crispy fried chicken, southern vegetables and other locally inspired side plates. While the lunch took a tad longer than expected, we enjoyed each other’s company and the opportunity to learn more about our fellow Day Trippers. One table unfortunately did not have very speedy service, so they stayed behind to enjoy their meal without rushing. The rest of us got back on the CATS train to our next and final destination.

The final stop at the end of the CATS line was the UNCC Campus, and a stroll through the Green House and Botanical Gardens. There were many blooming spring flowers, trees and shrubs with color at every turn. A quick bus ride back to the CATS station also allowed us to get a quick tour of the UNCC Campus.

If you would like to join the Day Trippers, please contact Sandie Redfern by email at If you would like to become the organizer for the group, or lead an activity, we would love to hear from you!