PWC Sewing Club Big Reveal for 2019-2020 Season

Earlier this year (2019), PWC adopted its new organizational logo. The letters, P.W.C surrounded by the title of Palisades Women’s Club, Service-Social-Community, is forever going to identify this dynamic group of Charlotte women.

With this logo as the focus, the PWC Sewing Club is creating a banner that will grace the general meeting podium. A great design, quality wool, and fine stitchery, all carefully selected by the sewing team, make up this approximate 2×4 foot banner.

From inception to the final project, the craftsmanship, passion and hard work of three talented women is going to simply WOW the PWC members! The Sewing Club members include Kim Silva, Mary Anne Laney, and Darla Callaghan.

Watching them work was a lesson in the selection of appropriate project materials, necessary hand tools, the right working space, math calculations and what modern digital sewing machines look like today.

The PWC Sewing Club is continuing to support PWC activities through their craftsmanship.
Here is Kim’s input on the Sewing Club’s 2019 holiday project.

We have a plan for the two Christmas tree skirts we are making for the clubhouse. Using the idea from making our mug rugs, we will be creating ornaments to place on the skirts. We will begin making the ornaments as soon as the banner is complete. We will need to make a total of 48 ornaments. Each ornament will have its own personality and design. Six of the ornaments will be machine embroidered with the PWC logo and two will have a message from the sewing circle embroidered on them. Kim Silva

Here are a few shares from our Sewers and Stitchers.

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