PWC End of Year Party – Clam Bake

The setting for the PWC End of the Year Party was lovely, the food was wonderful, the DJ was excellent, and the music was lively.  The theme for our last party of the year was a Clambake.  Our Chef prepared steamed shrimp, clams, mussels, clam chowder, corn on the cobb, corn bread, sliced watermelon and a Berry Cobbler.

Originally the party was planned for the outdoor patio; however, due to rain the party was relocated to the Audubon room.  This change did not affect the spirits of those who attended!

Following a joint welcome from our departing President, Kathleen Juhl, and our incoming President, Darla Callaghan, the festivities began.  Following dinner, Kathy and Pat Gray really started the dancing!  However, the ladies soon commanded the floor and danced the night away.  The DJ played all the right music and even demonstrated “the moves” for some of the dances.

Katie Grimm who celebrated a birthday was presented a cupcake complete with a candle. Happy Birthday, Katie.

Annie Maier and Nicole Sodrick know how to plan a party!  Both have been very creative this year and both have dedicated much of their time to our social events.  Every member appreciates their work.

The close of the 2018 -2019 year was lovely and a great celebration of the friendships within our membership.  We look forward to seeing everyone and many new members of our Community at the August Social. 

Author: Kathleen Juhl

Photos Edited by Nilly Farrell