Gardening Girls Fall Duke Mansion Tour

The Gardening Girls joined together for a visit to Duke Mansion again.  This time, it was to enjoy the fall color in the gardens, seasonal plants and vegetables coming out as the weather cools, and to tour the historic site again.  The visit began with a tour through the building.  We enjoyed a peek of the 3rd floor, and got to see photos and information new to those that enjoyed the spring tour.  A stop in one of the lovely guest rooms had each of us envious of those that stay there for their special event or just a night of luxury.

The gardens were peaceful, lush and full of ideas for fall plantings.  We were fortunate to visit when the gardens were being prepared and planted with the fall color, including pansies, heuchera or coral bells, winter kale, herbs, and ornamental cabbage.  There were still some roses blooming, camellia in a variety of colors, and we could see a number of summer plantings as they began their adjustment into winter dormancy.

After our visit to the Mansion and grounds, we were ready for lunch at Kid Cashew on East Ave. nearby.  Everyone enjoyed a chance to try new foods and preparations, as agreed it is a spot we would visit again.

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