Feb. 4 2020 General Meeting was Filled with Photo Fun

The February General Palisades Women’s Club Dinner was a busy evening with a chance to see new and old friends, and to meet our new guests who are considering membership. As always, we can also catch up on the ongoing business, opportunities and the activities of the membership.

There are many service projects, social events, and auxiliary groups keeping our member’s calendars full.

Brian Osborne, from The Photo Classroom, was our guest. He presented some outstanding tips and tricks to help people maximize their cell phone for photographs. After his session, we put our new skills to the test with a photo competition! It was fun to see the various ways our members chose their subjects from the meeting room, and used their phone’s capabilities to develop top notch photos. Everyone was a winner!

Please be sure to join for the next general meeting 11:30 AM Wed. March 4. It will be off-site at at Talbot’s Southpark. We will enjoy a Fashion Show with the newest Talbot styles modeled by our own membership. There will be time to shop and try on some of the new spring inventory.

Contact Bev Moore at bevmoore901@carolina.rr.com with questions and to reserve your spot. Lunch will follow the Fashion Show at Bricktops restaurant.