Holiday Fun at the December Meeting

Holiday greetings and season well-wishes flourished Wednesday evening (12/1/21) at the PWC dinner. The ballroom was beautifully adorned with decorations and photo moments. What elegance, joy, and warmth the space brought to our time together. Thank you to Mary Ann Perna and her social committee for this amazing transformation!

And who could resist admiring the tree that was overflowing with stashes of gifts for the Toys for Tots campaign. Thank you to Beth Barry for coordinating, the US Marine Cops for transporting the donations and sharing their time with us, and all of you for donating such great gifts! Even the chatter across tables and admiration of gifts was a joy to hear. How many fun stories of finding the right toys were shared! Other moments were full of many reminiscing about gifts under the tree that brought back fond memories. Our fun was only a small piece of the happiness that will fill the hearts of the children receiving these gifts. This would not have been possible without your efforts. Thank you again!

The evening progressed with two more special moments. In honor of the December 21st holiday, Anahita Kavani shared her Persian dance talents. What beauty, grace, and artistry! Our second special guest welcomed us to the season with her beautiful voice captured in holiday songs. JoJo Macho’s angelic voice and poise assured us that the holiday season was going to be full of fun, love, and winter wonderlands (will it snow here in Charlotte?).

And of course there was food, wine, and desserts that were followed by the ornament exchange again orchestrated by the social committee. This committee worked overtime! What fun it was to open a gift and then watch to see if there was any swapping and exchanging going on at the tables. What a great time it was to continue sharing favorite traditions for decorating, adventures picking out the best (and most stable) live trees, and all the cooking and baking ahead!

In the end, this holiday party was also special as we regained some festive time together even for just this short token of time. We hope that all left not only with a new ornament and full stomach but also a warm heart that will carry them through the holiday season. Happy holidays to all and remember the love, care, and laughter that is found within each and every one of us.

Peace, love, and happiness to All!