Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

William Butler

Palisades Women’s Club Auxiliary Groups are special interest groups for PWC members developed through shared passions and interests.

The organizing principles include:

  • Participation in group activities requires PWC membership.
  • These groups are self-managed by the participants in the group.
  • Group activities are funded by the members of that group and not by the PWC budget.
  • New groups can be formed as our PW members desire to build and lead activities!

We are seeking an Auxiliary Group Coordinator to help .

Due to the current Covid virus situation, some groups are now “on hold.” Group organizers will reach out to the participants where it is appropriate to get together and meet in person.

PWC Cooking Club 1

Leader is Kathleen Juhl. The Group is Full.

The PWC Cooking Club is a group of ladies who come together to share their love of cooking, eating and food in general. All have a vested interest in cooking and are looking to meet other like-minded people. This club meets once a month in a member’s home. The hostess provides the recipe and all participate in preparing and cooking the food; then all share the food around the kitchen table with appropriate wines. (Maximum 10 Members – FULL)

PWC Cooking Club 2

The PWC Cooking Club 2 is another group of ladies who come together to share their love of cooking, eating and food in general. All have a vested interest in cooking and are looking to meet other like-minded people. This club will be led by MaryAnn Perna (email (Maximum 10 Members)

Book Lovers Club

Contact Pam Puetz

The Book Lovers Club brings together the ladies who share a love of reading. Each member suggests three books to be considered for discussion. The Club then votes on the most popular twelve books to read for the year. Members take turns at both leading book discussions and hosting meetings. They meet on the third Tuesday of each month from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Gardening Girls

Contact Mary Lynn Dubler

The Gardening Girls share a passion for plants, flowers, and all things garden related. Participants meet to visit local gardens such as Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, Duke Mansion, and Winghaven. They tour each other’s gardens to share tips as well as visit garden centers to learn from the experts. While many of the participants love to dig in the dirt, it’s not a requirement!

Matinee Madams

Contact : OPEN

Matinee Madams is all about ladies who enjoy movies. They meet once a month, usually at Arsley, to enjoy a movie together. Members select a month, select a movie and notify members of the movie and the time. They meet, view the movie and go for discussion afterwards if time permits..

Sewing Club

Contact Kim Silva

The Sewing Club brings together ladies who enjoy sewing. Tips and tricks, and projects are shared. All forms of needle work are represented in the Sewing Club.

Day Trippers


Day Trippers is all about a desire to know more about the area in and around the city of Charlotte. Visiting museums and historical places, going on excursions, and attending social events are among the ideas being considered this year.

Couples Pot Luck

Contact Connie Lowry

Couples Potluck meets every other month in a member’s home. All participating will bring a dish and a drink to share. Members will choose a month to host. and send the announcement.

Wine Aficionados

Contact Lorilei Beightol


Those who enjoy wine and discovering new wines will enjoy the Wine Aficionados. They meet monthly to sip and variety of wines and a few hors d’oeuvres . Members will chose a month to host in their home.

Couples Dining Out

Contact Open

The Couples Dining Out will explore many restaurants in our lovely city. They will meet monthly and a member will select a restaurant and make all arrangements for the dining adventure. A great way to make new friends while enjoying food, wine and discussion.

Knitting for Charity (and Fun)

The Knitting group brings together ladies who enjoy knitting as a hobby. Knitting tips are exchanged and charities such as the Pink House are supported with caps for women undergoing chemotherapy. Contact: Meg Kachelriess (