Corresponding Secretary

Board Job Description The Palisades Women’s Club

The Corresponding Secretary sends emails as required by the board members and event chairs to the entire membership.  Be responsible for getting publications about our service and social events in the local papers and through the Palisades Country Club newsletter.

Corresponding Responsibilities

  1. Send emails and notices as required by board members and event chairs to the entire membership.
  2. Notices that need to be sent to individuals attending an event are sent by the event chair.
  3. The system we use is Yahoo mail.  Email is  The Title is:  Palisades Women’s Club
  4. Attend lunch board meetings the last Thursday of the month, 11:30 am.
  5. When Applicable, submit notices of our events to newspapers, etc.
  6. Prepare a monthly newsletter to be sent out about the 20th of each preceding month, to Cindy Saundry at:  cindys@the for distribution to Palisades Country Club members, as well as distribute this newsletter to all PWC members.  Prepare a one paragraph notice to be sent with it to introduce the newsletter.  Sometimes, photos can be sent also.

Startup of Job

  1. Import NEW members emails into the Yahoo database.   Work with Membership to obtain these names.
  2. Delete any members that may have dropped (usually after the September meeting).
  3. Change email on to your own email and obtain the password from the previous Corresponding Secretary.

Maintenance and Reminders

  1. Keep the membership email list current al all times.  Membership should send you a dated current Roster in an excel spreadsheet whenever it is updated.  Ensure that it is in pdf format.  Send a copy to the Historian for the web site.
  2. Try not to put too many reminders onto one email blast as they get lost.
  3. “Decorate” the emails at times and/or help the chair to create a flyer, if needed.
  4. Remind the membership often that they should not RSVP back to you; instead they should RSVP to the Event chair.  When they forget, send them an email to RSVP to the Event chair and that you do not maintain the RSVPs or notes.
  5. Do NOT send too many emails per month.
  6. Always remind them to go to the Palisades Women’s Club website for the current calendar.
  7. When you are out of town and only have a tablet or phone with you, you should notify the board members that you will not be able to send any attachments while you are gone.  It is good to create 4 or 5 empty drafts on the Yahoo site with eh members names already entered, on the yahoo site before you leave as it is difficult to do on a tablet.  Then, it is easy to just post an updated item during your travels.