Donors Choice Thank You

Donors Choice

Beautiful Thank You notes from the students!

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The Teachers’ Thank You:

My students were thrilled when we received the packages with the games and toys in them! They absolutely LOVE playing Hot Potato if we have a couple of extra minutes at the end of class, and they work faster when I remind them that it’s a possibility. A few of them are really becoming champion cup-stackers, and they all love to play UNO. It’s so much fun to watch them interact and see them building social skills while still being competitive. I can’t tell you how much this gift means to us…when they have something productive and fun to do at recess it makes them happy and they forget about the things that are bothering them if only for a little while. What a blessing you have been to us, we will never forget you!

With gratitude,  Ms. M.

The Story:

The Teacher writes:  Engaging Our Bodies and Brains During Indoor Recess

My students need games and toys to keep them engaged and active during inclement weather days…we are in a mobile classroom (trailer) and when we can’t go outside for recess the kids go stir crazy!

My Students

Many of my students come from families that struggle to provide the basic necessities of life, but they have already learned how to look for the bright side and try to make the best of any situation.  They are flexible and resilient, curious and loving, and a joy to teach.  Many of them struggle with reading and basic mathematics skills, but they come to school every day ready and willing to do their best to work and learn. Although they often see bad things happen in the neighborhood, they have not lost hope that things can, and will, get better for them and their families. By providing motivating learning materials that are relevant to their lives, I encourage my students to dream as big as they can imagine and reach for the stars.

My Project

We are in a 10×12 foot mobile classroom (trailer) and my when it’s rainy or too cold to go outside and play, we need things for my students to use to keep their minds and bodies occupied.

I want them to engage in some healthy competition so they can learn sportsmanship and cooperation while they have fun!



Elon Homes Thank you!

Your donations to the young men at Elon Homes were delivered today and they were overwhelmed by your generosity.

They should be set for toiletries for the next year. 

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!