PWC Board

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things.
He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.

Ronald Reagan

2022-2023 PWC Board Meeting Schedule

Wed. September 28Board Meeting 12:00 pm Wine Room
Wed. October 26 Board Meeting 12:00 pm Wine Room
Wed. November 16 Board Meeting 12:00 pm Wine Room
Thurs. December 14 Board Meeting 12:00 pm Wine Room
Wed. February 22 Board Meeting 12:00 pm Wine Room
Wed. March 29 Board Meeting 12:00 pm Talbots
Wed. April 26 Board Meeting 12:00 pm Wine Room
Wed. May 24New Board & Current Board 12:00 pm Wine Room

2022-2023 PWC Board Members


DeLana Quinn


  • Leads General and Executive Board meetings.
  • Sets, monitors and maintains goals for the PWC throughout the year.
  • Monitors the responsibilities, duties, and performance of all officers and appointees.
  • Overall problem solver involving any faction of the PWC.
  • Vets concerns of members and informs PWC Board of these concerns.
  • Works on annual budget with the Board Treasurer.

Vice President

Sandi Wessel


  • Establishes the yearly calendar in coordination with the Executive Board and the Palisades Country Club to obtain meeting plans and communicate room set up and arrangements.
  • Develops meeting agendas.
  • Coordination with County Club about meeting attendee numbers for meal preparation.
  • Presides in the absence of the President.


Maddy Fladell


  • The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds owned by the PWC and is responsible for maintaining all associated financial records.
  • Maintains the PWC bank account to include deposits and reconciliation.
  • Maintains all financial records.
  • Pays all approved budgeted expenses.

Corresponding Secretary

Joann Thornton


  • Maintains membership email list.
  • Sends email blasts and deadline reminders to PWC members about Service and Social functions.
  • Prepares and sends monthly newsletter.
  • Sends any service publications to local newspaper.

Recording Secretary

Mary Louise Connor


  • Attends all General Membership and Executive Board meetings and records minutes. Creates an accurate record of these meetings.
  • Provides General Membership meeting minutes, generally within one week after the meeting, to the Corresponding Secretary to be released to all of the PWC members for approval during the next General Membership meeting.
  • Provides Executive Board meeting minutes.
  • At the General Membership and Executive Board meetings, requests for additions or corrections to the minutes from the members. After this is accomplished, requests for a first and a second to accept the minutes as recorded.

Membership Chair

Mary Lynn Dubler 

Vice Membership Chair

Nancy Blowey


  • Receives annual and new member dues and processes new member applications.
  • Encourages growth and maintenance of membership by communicating with potential and new members, regularly monitoring the PWC email account.
  • Greets attendees as they arrive for the General Meetings and distributes name badges. Keeps records of attendance.
  • Holds new member socials to welcome and educate new members about social and service opportunities.

Social Chair

Mary Ann Perna-Jarvis

Open Position, Vice Social Chair


  • Plans PWC social events with attending social committee. This includes the August Social, the Holiday Party, the End of Year Party and approximately 3-4 of the monthly meetings.
  • Meets with Events Planner at the Palisades Country Club when events are to be held on site.
  • Creates communications, to include email blasts and invitations, to promote and inform members of all social events.
  • Reports to the PWC executive board on schedules, expenses and general needs for social events.

Service Chair

Vinnie Dorse

Vice Service Chair

Donna Peake-Cashion


  • Works with President, Vice-President and Social Chair to set dates, plan and coordinate service activities.
  • Meets with the Service Committee to review existing commitments and brainstorm new ideas. Plans activities, solidifying goals and scheduled commitments.
  • Keeps records of expenses and funds taken in for all service activities.
  • Depending on coordination with the Social Chair, provides a program or speaker for meetings during the year. Is responsible for menus for monthly meeting.

Welcome Chair

Lynda Oester

Vice Welcome Chair

Susan Dietz


  • Recruits, as necessary, representative(s) from each neighborhood who will welcome new residents to the Palisades Women’s Club (PWC).
  • Maintains inventory of welcome packets.
  • Communicates with CAMS and HOA to request a list of home sales from the previous month.
  • Distribute flyers for the “May Walk to Remember” and the “August Social” to the neighborhood reps. Greets new members and guests.


Christina Chen

Vice Historian

Loretta Hedge


  • Responsible for documenting the PWC activities via current media sources.
  • Takes photos of events or ask members to take photos to post on the website.
  • Historical archiving of images/documents.
  • Maintenance of PWC website.